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Ultimate Spy Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive

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Ultimate Spy Kit - Spy Museum ExclusiveSee details
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Uncover the ultimate in tradecraft when you loosen the drawstring of our Ultimate Spy Kit (Top Secret bag). Take time to admire the Spy Watch. This digital timekeeper has world time and stopwatch functions, motion and wakeup alarms, and decoder screen — all protected by locking armor, plus more goodies, like a night vision light and “safe-drop” capsules. Plus more goodies, like a night vision light and “safe-drop” capsules. The UV Spy Pen enables you to write messages in invisible ink that can only be decoded when illuminated with the pen’s UV light. The pen and UV light are cleverly disguised as a flashlight. Rearview Glasses have specially treated lenses so you can be looking straight ahead while actually looking behind you. And if you need to guard your top secret stuff, check out Micro Motion Alarm. The invisible beam motion alarm detects movement up to 5 feet away. A Spy Museum exclusive!

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Red. “Top Secret” graphic design contains the Spy Museum logo. Durable 100% nylon. 13” x 18”. Top Secret Bag contains Spy Watch, UV Spy Pen, Rearview Glasses, Micro Motion Alarm.
Ultimate Spy Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
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