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Spy Toys

Micro Blade Aerial Remote Control Drone
The Gidget Widget
The Spinning Widget
Spy Museum YoYo
Supercool Paper Airplanes Kit
Robotics Workshop: Intro to Robot Design
$200.00 $149.98
Scented Secret Message Set
Color In: 20 Temporary Tattoos
Selfie Clip
Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope
Spy Museum Herrington Bear in Pink (International Spy Museum Exclusive)
Spy Museum Herrington Bear in Blue (International Spy Museum Exclusive)
Kids Hands Free Walkie Talkies
MC2 Girls Ultimate Lab Kit
Spy X Lazer Trap Wire
Spy X Spy Tracker
Communist Nesting Dolls (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Stuffed Dog With Deny Everything Hoodie (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder Activity Book Kit
Spy X Long-Range Wrist Talkies
Spy X Voice Disguiser
Spy X Micro Gear Set
Nancy B's Black Light Illuminator & Nature's Mysteries Journal
Spy X Night Hawk Vision Scope
Spy X Motion Alarm
Spy X Ultimate Spy Recon Kit
Spy X Night Ranger Set
Money Safe Kit
Ultimate Spy Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Lippy Lipstick Markers
Spy Agent Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Spy Girl Mission Kit - Spy Museum Exclusive
Nancy B's Science Club Crime Solver Scope & Journal
Spy X Gear Night Vision Goggles
Spy Gear Night Scope
Spy Science Intruder Alarm Kit
Spy Science Secret Message Kit
UV : Ultraviolet Invisible Ink Spy Pen (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Spy Gear Ultimate Spy Watch
Operation Spy™ Rearview Glasses (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Alex Spy Case
Secret Marker Kit (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Edible Spy Paper Pack (Spy Museum Exclusive)
Kid's Electronic Voice Transformer
Shocking Pen
Electronic Gift Card $25