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Secret Ops Of The CIA 2017 Calendar

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The men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency, and their allied foreign national agents, courageously carry out their missions in hostile environments around the globe. From the frozen killing grounds of the Korean War to the bloody siege at Dien Bien Phu, to missions above the Arctic Circle and on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and in the capitals and danger zones around the world, these unsung heroes perform countless land, sea and air missions, usually without public knowledge or gratitude.

This collection of original paintings, initially funded by private citizens and corporations depicts actual declassified CIA missions.

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Each historical depiction was exhaustively researched and recreated by world class military and aviation artists such as Dru Blair, James Dietz, Jeff Bass, Keith Woodcock, Stuart Brown, Gareth Hector and others. Unique calendar bonus features include photos of points of interest at the headquarters, artist sketches and color studies, declassified documents, photographs of mission participants and more. SECRET OPS OF THE CIA is a history book disguised as a wall calendar. The artwork is on permanent display at the CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia.

“Some of the most vital, history-altering CIA operations were conducted in secret, with no photographic records. At night, behind enemy lines, under oceans or in the skies, the brave officers, special forces, scientists, and operatives achieved their objectives – or not – and their acts of heroism and inventiveness remained hidden for years. This first-of-its-kind fine arts calendar assembles the commissioned and donated paintings now on the walls at CIA HQ in Langley, VA, capturing the essence of these covert operations, with details only a skilled draftsman can provide. A curated selection of photos join the beautifully reproduced art paired with descriptions of the motivations and outcomes of each event. The creators of this 2017 historical jewel are to be commended for their commitment to not let these patriotic efforts go unheralded – in our hearts and memories. This handsome calendar should hang in offices and homes to remind us of those who dedicated their lives for our freedoms.”

-- AFIO, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Falls Church, Virginia
Spiral Bound, Nail Hanger 12x18x1/8inch
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